Friday, July 11, 2008

Just Living

My sister is spoiled. Rotten to the core. It's not as hard as you might think to say. My sister is spoiled. It's easy, you see? She's shown me nothing to deter my decision. She is spoiled. She is the youngest. I am the middle child.

My older sister is the perfect daughter. Perfect until it's sickening. She's organized to pencils and pens, polite to everyone, and moderate to wearing just plain old clothes out in public.

I am the middle child. I've said that before huh? There's nothing special about me. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing to write home to mom about. I played sports, or at least, I tried. I was just another guy passing through schools. I wasn't at the top, but I wasn't at the bottom either. I don't dress fancy. I don't dress raggy. I just...dress...casually.

My little brat of a sister is spoiled for sure. She'll make a mess and leave it for you to pick up. When you don't, suddenly it's your fault. She locks herself in her imaginary tower of a castle of a room. She won't tell what she's doing. She walks into a room and suddenly everything belongs to her. You want to slap some sense into her, but you can't. She's too little. But she's so spoiled.

Dad's always working, "providing" for the family. Yeah, sure, whatever. Tell that to my three step families. The flirt, I don't know why I had to be his son. I wish I had a different father, a better father, a decent father.

Mom is always drinking, attempting to drown her sorrow with herself in her elixir of alcohol. She does nothing all day but lay in bed, recovering from a hangover, only to drink again late into the night and early morning. She flaunts his money, maybe for revenge. But I think it's damaging. She's in the hospital now. It's not the first time, but I bet it won't be the last time.

Anyway, this is my life, my suffering for a sin unknown to me. I don't what I did to deserve it, but I'm doing my time. I'm just trying to make a life out of this.


writerwoman said...

I enjoyed reading that. Emotionally frank and honest.

34 Years said...

Hey there, saw your comment on my blog, came to check you out - I love the writing!! Looking forward to more.

As for the home life, eh, we can't pick our upbringing right? I actually can't complain, and I think I'm a great older sister ;) It's good you enjoy writing, it's a great escape.

Jane Opal said...

Praying for you. Really.
Hope you find some Peace.

Anne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm sorry to hear about your family issues. I hope that your mother finds the help she needs, and, if she chooses not to, that you are able to live your life without her illness mucking it up too much.

You're a good writer, keep it up.

Arielle said...

I think you have something special. You're a talented writer. ^.^

As for your siblings, people like your older sister end up either OCD and lonely because they can't live with someone else or they end up depressed after realizing that they can't be prefect all the time. Hopefully your younger sister will eventually realize what she is doing and stop being so selfish. I admit, it took me a while to get to that point myself. Only after living with terribly inconsiderate roommates did I realize how much extra work I was giving my mom by not doing even the simplest tasks of cleaning up after myself or helping out around the house.

Your mom sounds like she is in desperate need of an intervention. Does she know how you feel about her addiction to alcohol? Does the rest of your family feel the same as you? You need to voice your concerns and try to help her. Let her know how her addiction hurts her children and give her the opportunity to change.

Jane Opal said...

*reads the caption at the top of the site*

Guess you're a better writer than I thought, then. lol.

Arielle said...

Yeah, you got me...

I coulda swore two new posts ended up in my feed reader but they're not on your blog now. :x