Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Night

Last night was the coldest in my life. Nothing else compares. The wind blew the hardest. It didn't bother to whisper in my ear. Last night was the darkest in my life. The stars didn't bother to shine. The moon had died. The streetlights refused to light the sidewalk. Silence haunted my every step. No one dared to walk beside me. No one was there to walk beside me. The clouds drifted closer and closer. An omen of blood promised in their rain. I could have sworn the blood in my veins was frozen. I couldn't feel my arm. Something like numb, but not quite. No feeling, but it's there. No passion, but I'm here. Last night was the slowest night in my life. The day took it's time coming. The sun lingered in the other half of the world. Even the sky has rejected me. Thunder roaring in the distance. Last night was the saddest in my life. Last night she died. And I wandered alone, blood dripping in place of sweat. Sirens ringing in my ear. Barely alive, my life changed forever.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Twisted Arsonist

I'm glad she's dead. She was no mother. I don't even know my father. All I know are the scars he left me, the blood he stole from me with a his pocketknife. Yeah, I'll admit it. I'll even say it with pride. I killed her. Are you surprised? There was nothing to it. She always came home drunk, passed out on the couch. She'd have a migraine when she woke up, and then go out and party some more. School was no concern to me. Hell, it didn't matter anymore. I can't afford books, and we barely make rent. Actually, I barely make rent. She doesn't bother to hide her booze money, but she'll notice if I took all of it. But you should've been there. It felt so good lighting that fire. It was so simple, so easy. She probably didn't notice a thing. She probably never woke up. I wish I could've been there, to see her burn to ash. I wish she had screamed. Maybe I should've done more. Yeah, I probably should've have done more. Maybe torture her a bit. Cut her up, shot her in the legs or something. But left her alive to burn. Now if only he had been there, I would've have killed two birds with one stone, one fire. I swear if I ever find him, payback.

I would stop struggling if I were you. If the ropes are too tight I'm sorry, but I can't let you live after hearing all of that. If you're wondering why, I thought you might want to know who to blame for your death. Do you have family? Guess you can't answer huh? I wanted to use something else as a gag but that sock was all I could find right now. You're crying. Yeah I wish I could cry, but I can't. I can smile though. There's something about a blaze that just makes me smile. I can't wait to see how big this fire gets. I wonder if I'll be on the news. But that would probably be a bad thing. Can't have the cops catching me when I'm still looking for him. Maybe after I'll go, but not now.

This is goodbye. Yeah, I'm taking your money. I can't carry anything valuable, too much of a hassle. I'll even start the fire away from you, so you can have time to say goodbye. Or do you want it closer? I didn't think so. I guess I'll see you later, oh wait, no I won't.