Sunday, April 13, 2008

Twisted Arsonist

I'm glad she's dead. She was no mother. I don't even know my father. All I know are the scars he left me, the blood he stole from me with a his pocketknife. Yeah, I'll admit it. I'll even say it with pride. I killed her. Are you surprised? There was nothing to it. She always came home drunk, passed out on the couch. She'd have a migraine when she woke up, and then go out and party some more. School was no concern to me. Hell, it didn't matter anymore. I can't afford books, and we barely make rent. Actually, I barely make rent. She doesn't bother to hide her booze money, but she'll notice if I took all of it. But you should've been there. It felt so good lighting that fire. It was so simple, so easy. She probably didn't notice a thing. She probably never woke up. I wish I could've been there, to see her burn to ash. I wish she had screamed. Maybe I should've done more. Yeah, I probably should've have done more. Maybe torture her a bit. Cut her up, shot her in the legs or something. But left her alive to burn. Now if only he had been there, I would've have killed two birds with one stone, one fire. I swear if I ever find him, payback.

I would stop struggling if I were you. If the ropes are too tight I'm sorry, but I can't let you live after hearing all of that. If you're wondering why, I thought you might want to know who to blame for your death. Do you have family? Guess you can't answer huh? I wanted to use something else as a gag but that sock was all I could find right now. You're crying. Yeah I wish I could cry, but I can't. I can smile though. There's something about a blaze that just makes me smile. I can't wait to see how big this fire gets. I wonder if I'll be on the news. But that would probably be a bad thing. Can't have the cops catching me when I'm still looking for him. Maybe after I'll go, but not now.

This is goodbye. Yeah, I'm taking your money. I can't carry anything valuable, too much of a hassle. I'll even start the fire away from you, so you can have time to say goodbye. Or do you want it closer? I didn't think so. I guess I'll see you later, oh wait, no I won't.