Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Night

Last night was the coldest in my life. Nothing else compares. The wind blew the hardest. It didn't bother to whisper in my ear. Last night was the darkest in my life. The stars didn't bother to shine. The moon had died. The streetlights refused to light the sidewalk. Silence haunted my every step. No one dared to walk beside me. No one was there to walk beside me. The clouds drifted closer and closer. An omen of blood promised in their rain. I could have sworn the blood in my veins was frozen. I couldn't feel my arm. Something like numb, but not quite. No feeling, but it's there. No passion, but I'm here. Last night was the slowest night in my life. The day took it's time coming. The sun lingered in the other half of the world. Even the sky has rejected me. Thunder roaring in the distance. Last night was the saddest in my life. Last night she died. And I wandered alone, blood dripping in place of sweat. Sirens ringing in my ear. Barely alive, my life changed forever.

1 comment:

_-*Kristen*-_ said...

wow, just WOW. i can serisouly say that you have a great talent here. i can relate to your writing on some deeper level that i didnt even know was there.

i will definetly be back for more